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The suggested books cover a range of themes and provide opportunities for young people to explore their own values and understandings and to see themselves and their peers represented in a range of texts. Some texts may be more suited to older students in the category. Parental and/or teacher guidance is recommended when children are selecting books.

Year AddedYear LevelTitleBook SummaryAuthorJunior Fiction / Fiction / NonFictionPagesThemesISBN
2024 Years 2-3 Cat of death! [Cat on the run #1] (2023) Fans of the Pig the Pug and Bad Guys books will love this new series from popular author Aaron Blabey. What happens when the World's #1 Cat Video Star has to run from the law?. How do you avoid capture and prove your innocence when you are the most famous feline on the planet? (Adapted from publisher) Blabey, Aaron F 192 Cats, Celebrities 9781761201332
2024 Years 2-3 Pretty please, do not open this book (2024) Children can't get enough of this addictive series by Andy Lee! In every instalment, Wizz implores his readers to (pretty please, with sugar on top) DO NOT OPEN THIS BOOK. Readers will delight in turning the pages anyway to see how Wizz will react this time. A fun picture book that will engage even the most reluctant reader. (QDoE) Lee, Andy; McKenzie, Heath (illus). JF 28 Books, Monsters, Reading 9780655230762
2024 Years 2-3 Giinagay gaagal = Hello ocean (2023) Anyone who has spent a joyful day at the beach will be able to relate to this book by Gumbaynggirr author and artist Melissa Greenwood. It celebrates the simple joys of a day at the beach, and includes Gumbaynggirr language words embedded throughout the text, but it is Greenwood's stunning and vibrantly coloured illustrations that steal the show in this beautiful book. (QDoE) Greenwood, Melissa JF 24 Coasts, Seashore, First Nations people 9780733343001
2024 Years 2-3 Treasure hunt [Diary of a Roblox pro: Super special #1] (2023) Inspired by the popular game, the Diary of a Roblox Pro series follows Ari, an Avatar from Blockville. In this super special instalment, Ari, Jez, and Zeke are off on holiday. But their trip takes a turn when they discover an old treasure map. Ari and his friends must solve dangerous puzzles if they want to find the treasure before someone else gets there first. (Adapted from publisher) Avatar, Ari F 160 Computer games, Friendship, Treasure 9781760264222
2024 Years 2-3 Ruby's sparkling surprise [Pearl and friends #1] (2023) From the beloved author of the Pet Vet, Pup Patrol and Jack Russell: Dog Detective books comes this new series about Ruby the dragon and her genie friend Lulu. Ruby just wants Lulu’s birthday to be special, but what happens when they stumble upon a mysterious castle? (Adapted from publisher) Odgers, Sally; Thomas, Adele K. (illus). F 64 Birthdays, Dragons, Friendship 9781761203022
2024 Years 2-3 Wollemi: saving a dinosaur tree (2023) In the rainforest of Wollemi National Park lives a remarkable tree! The Wollemi pine is a living fossil, descended from a family of trees going back to the time of the dinosaurs. Readers will be enchanted by the beautiful watercolour illustrations in this book as they learn all about this rare tree and how they can help protect this critically endangered species. (QDoE) Tidy, Samantha; Gyan, Rachel (illus). NF 32 Trees, Plant conservation, Inclusion 9781486316083
2024 Years 2-3 Wear a purple poppy: remembering animals in war (2024) Many know about the red poppies worn on ANZAC Day and Remembrance Day - but few may know that in 2019, the Australian Parliament declared 24 February each year as the National Day for War Animals, also known as Purple Poppy Day. Wear a purple poppy is a heart-warming tribute that explores the different roles of animals in wartime, and honours their strength, courage and dedication. (Adapted from publisher) White, Fiona; O'Hagan, Kathleen (illus). NF 24 War animals, Remembrance 9780734421630
2024 Years 2-3 Indigo Wilde and the giant problem [Indigo Wilde #3] (2023) Discovered in the Unknown Wilderness when she was just a baby, Indigo Wilde was adopted by World-Famous Explorers, Philomena and Bertram, who are always off adventuring. Indigo and her brother Quigley live in a house secretly full of magical creatures. Indigo is never happier than when feeding chocolate to the fire-breathing rabbit or making nests for the colourful hop hop birds. She loves a challenge! But when a giant appears in the garden she has an enormous problem on her hands. Can Indigo and Quigley help the giant save his sister, against all the odds? (Adapted from publisher) Curnick, Pippa F 147 Giants, Magic 9781444956849
2024 Years 2-3 Walk with us: Welcome to our country (2023) Harvey and Mum are heading to their favourite park for a walk on Cammeraygal land. 'Time to awaken the ancestors,' says Uncle Boris. From the author of Ceremony and Somebody's Land, and inspired by the Uluru Statement from the Heart, Walk With Us is an invitation to go on a journey of learning and appreciation - with family, with friends, and with our nation - together. (Adapted from publisher) Goodes, Adam JF 24 First Nations people 9781761065071
2024 Years 2-3 Izzy the Inventor and the time travelling gnome (2024) Science meets magic in this STEM-packed, funny new chapter book series starring Izzy the Inventor and a lovable unicorn. Izzy believes in science, not magic! That is until she becomes best friends with Henry the Unicorn. Unfortunately, Henry is about to be squished by some ogres, so Izzy sets off to Fairytale Land to save him. But her inventions will only get her so far. What she needs now is a gnome with a time-travel machine. (Adapted from publisher) Davidson, Zanna; Elwik, Elissa (illus) F 128 Inventors, Science experiments, Time travel, Unicorns 9781474999793
2024 Years 2-3 Marina's turf [Isla of adventure #7] (2023) In this illustrated chapter book series, Isla is a little girl with a secret - she can talk to animals! When Isla hears a stranded baby dolphin call for help, she encounters a boy her age also trying to help, but Isla struggles to understand what the dolphin is saying and feels out of her depth. Will she be able to help the baby dolphin? (Adapted from publisher) Costa, Dela; Sebastián, Ana (illus.) F 128 Animals, Dolphins 9781665950374
2024 Years 2-3 Cooler than lemonade (2023) One scorching summer day, a new idea snaps into Eva's head - a lemonade stand! But how will she compete with the lemonade stand Jake has set up across the street? Eva will need to be persistent and resilient, and put on her thinking cap if she wants to succeed. An excellent book to encourage teamwork, resilience and growth-mindset thinking. (QDoE) Jerath, Harshita; Burgett, Chloe (illus.) JF 40 Competition, Cooperation, Growth mindset 9781728254296
2024 Years 2-3 Where are all the Christmas beetles? (2023) As the weather warms, and the Christmas season approaches, shiny, beautifully coloured Christmas beetles begin to appear... at least they used to! These days they are lot harder to find. Through rhyming text, this book invites children to delight in the beauty of these Australian beetles, and investigate why they are becoming harder to find. (QDoE) Houghton, Suzanne NF 32 Beetles, Christmas, Endangered species 9781486317905
2024 Years 2-3 The trees: learning tree knowledge with Uncle Kuu (2023) This book introduces children to the important relationship between humans and the natural environment, and the importance of trees in the culture of First Nations people. As they are invited to walk through the trees with Uncle Kuu, children will learn about the many different types of trees and the important role they play in the ecosystems in which they live. (QDoE) Steffensen, Victor; Stefensen, Sandra (illus). NF 32 First Nations people, Trees, Ecosystems 9781741178876
2024 Years 2-3 Bowerbird blues (2023) Chosen as this year's book for National Simultaneous Storytime, this book follows a bowerbird as he collects beautiful blue objects to decorate his nest. But there's still something missing! What could it be? (QDoE)

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Parker, Aura JF 32 Bowerbirds, Collecting, Colour, Longing, Searching, Love, Environment 9781761205637